Ventilation and natural light are essential for a healthy life. We offer the best customized solutions at affordable prices.



For 20 years we have been making high quality, technically advanced and easy to assemble skylights on Lanzarote. Adapted to any space and made to measure. We have different finishes, glasses and opening systems, both mechanical and electrical and also fixed skylights with ventilation. Technical advice is available without obligation.

The Eurolumbrera skylights take advantage of the natural light inside our buildings, with the possibility of having a ventilation or exit system to the outside, adapting to each situation, providing all the solutions that each project requires. It has the most varied opening systems, with the greatest possible offer in terms of quality, market price and value for money.

Put an end to mold and moisture problems in interior bathrooms without windows with the installation of our tilting skylights. You can open it manually or mechanically, with the possibility of installing rain or wind sensors, which will close it automatically.

In our workshop in Lanzarote we carry out all the measurements, interior finishes in wood with custom personalised finishes, and we assemble all kinds of glass (sunguard, double glazing etc.), formalising its delivery in a short space of time. Our skylights cover all your needs, even adapting to round holes.

Visit our skylight shop to order them online and we will send them to you anywhere in the Canary Islands (for as little as 22€), mainland spain and Europe-wide.

Feel free to contact us to clarify any questions that you may have or to get a quote for free.

Quality skylights


In 1998 we started manufacturing our aluminium and glass skylights, because an advanced and durable product was missing on the market. Our German engineer dedicated himself to modify and improve our product constantly, until today, we can offer an unbeatable product in relation to quality and value for money.

With our long experience in the skylight industry, we are here to solve your doubts, elaborating the best solution for your needs.

Quality skylights


Here you can see examples of our skylights installed on jobsites in the Canary Islands.

You can see how the model 03 looks, with a wooden interior.

You can also see skylights with very special dimensions, we can always manufacture the personalized measures for the best adaptation to your specific needs.

We are always at your disposal, without obligation, to study and find the best solution for your circumstances.

Why install a eurolumbrera skylight?

In rooms without windows to the outside our modern skylights are the best way to increase the quality of life and save energy at the same time.

With natural light and ventilation, you get much more pleasant and healthy environments. Natural light has a positive effect on people, reducing stress, increasing concentration etc. By not having to turn on the light during the day, they helps to save energy.

Indoor ventilation is of fundamental importance.

Poor or insufficient ventilation increases the percentage of CO2, the temperature, and has a negative effect on the environment of the room.

By natural thermal currents, used and hot air rises.

By using a natural ventilation skylight – a good indoor climate is achieved.

Our skylights are available with high thermal performance glass, avoiding the heating of the room in summer. In winter they reduce the loss of heated air.

In our skylights, we use fall-proof crystals. As the name suggests, they are so stable that they provide security against falling people, and prevent broken glass from falling.

Our skylights are also advanced in terms of acoustic values. The performance of skylights in the rain is also crucial for comfort. Our skylights prevent outside noise from entering.

Is the setup difficult?

Our advanced design, studied in all aspects, makes the assembly easier, also possible by non-professionals.