Why transform your home with Eurolumbrera skylights?

The quick answer is that light can transform any space and improve health and wellbeing. But then one could argue that when it comes to skylights we might be biased!

Therefore the question of whether you should add the expense of installing a skylight to transform your living space deserves more attention…

Scientific studies have proved that badly lit space reduces are serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone our body naturally produces. Serotonin is the main hormone that positively impacts our mood, it gives us a happy feeling, thus boosting our wellbeing. Serotonin also enables our brain and nervous system to communicate better with each other, it has a key role to play in us sleeping and digesting well.

Natural light is also a major contributor to healthy eyes, it reduces strain making it easier to see. An above-the-head source of natural light from a skylight aids focus and concentration so has a huge impact on any space where you work or where concentration is vital.

The natural light from our skylights provides a vitamin D source. Vitamin D is essential to our immune systems and brain function. As well as helping to reduce asthma symptoms.

For all these reasons we are passionate about filling your dark space with light, to bring your dark space to life, whilst improving your health and quality of life. A Eurolumbrera skylight is designed to make you happier and make you feel more alive in your home and workspace!

Nothing beats natural light, aside from the health benefits to your own mind, body and soul, it revitalises your living space, it makes it come alive and look more spacious. Dark rooms and areas become connected to the outside. Using natural light from a skylight reduces your energy bills.

Of course, Skylights also open your space to fresh air, they ventilate your living and working areas.

Like daylight, the air inside can also impact how we feel and how well we work. Skylights provide great ventilation which equals better health and increased concentration.

Fresh air, along with sunlight, from skylights is the enemy of harmful bacteria, odour, condensation, humidity, and dampness!

Condensation results from the moisture the air cooling down to form water droplets that sit on all your surfaces, therefore bath and shower rooms are particularly prone. Adding a skylight to bathrooms and shower areas helps prevent condensation that not only ruins your surfaces, but worse still, a damp environment promotes the growth of mould and harmful bacteria.

In all rooms, a lack of air provides a breeding ground for dust mites that can cause allergic reactions, these can be anything from eczema, eye irritation, or respiratory-related issues such as asthma.

There has never been a better time to let more light and fresh air into your home and work areas, to improve your mind, body and soul, open up your home to natural light and fresh air…

For the times you cannot be outside, let Eurolumbrera bring the healing miracles of nature inside to meet you!!

For over 20 years the Eurolumbrera team have been transforming your homes and businesses, bringing your spaces to life with light and fresh air from our range of skylights, for clients throughout Spain and Europe wide. All our skylights are bespoke built to your specific requirements and dimensions at our workshop here in Lanzarote and shipped to you ready to fit, easy to install.